Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Yet..Another Day

Dijah, Aren n Me (New Year 2008)

It's new year guys...Another year...Different year. Last night when I celebrated New Year with my friends, i felt so happy. Actually I also felt sad too when i suddenly remembering my family. But, it's okay. I went to church to celebrate New Year. It was wonderful night for me even though at the end of time, most of my church friends cried. Well, I do understand their feeling. Far from family and have to work hard to make sure they can give the best for their family. Be in this Church family is one special thing for me as I learn something new everytime I gather with them. It's amazing to know each of them, to know how hard their life before, to know that they never give up no matter what happen and most amazing is they always trust and never leave God no matter what happen . I am so proud to be one of their family. "Dalam Yesus Kita Bersaudara". That is true, "We are Siblings in Christ". One more thing, I really Thanks God for everything He had gave me, for never leave me alone, for His blessing in my family and most important for open my heart to accept Him in my life not only in my life but also my family. I don't understand why certain people don't have feeling or won't accept God in their life. Well, i'm not gonna blame them for that, maybe their heart not ready for Him yet. But, it's a big mistake to reject something special like Him from our life. Anyway, Thanks Lord for bringing me until this level...Anyway...Happy New Year All...God Bless.

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