Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ahmm...dan yang ini aku baru terima dari Pastor Alan..hehehehe....sambungan BGR part 3 :), Anyway, semoga anda semua diberkati dengan semua yang saya kongsikan ini...

Principle 3: Give up your rights to sex and marriage.

What am I (Dean Sherman) implying here? Do I mean that sex and marriage are on a lower spiritual plane? Do I mean that if we’re really spiritual we will never need sex or marriage and instead consider ourselves married to Jesus? The answer is absolutely not. Such thinking is a perversion of God’s truth. God created two sexes. He invented sexuality. Therefore, it is not a lower calling to use what God has given us. If we give up our rights to dating and marriage, God can give them back to us as a gift in His time and in His way. But if we hold on to the right to be married, it will dominate our thinking. Every time we’re in a group we will be looking over our shoulders thinking, “I wonder if my future husband or wife is here. I wonder if he or she is in this church.” (The desperation to get married may cause us to make a big mistake.)

The key is to give our desires back to God, to give up what we think are our rights, and trust the Lord to do the best thing for us. Remember, God is in favour of marriage, sex, and families. He is not waiting for us to give Him our desires so He can send us to Africa to live an old maid’s existence! No. God does not want to take things away from us. God is for us; He will not take advantage of us. It’s ok to say, “Lord, lead me to a person who would be good for me and I for her/him,” and then leave it with Him and go on with everything else He has for you.

P/s: thanks for sharing Pastor.. Rasanya ramai yang diberkati dengan topic ini..

Boy-Girl-Relationships Part2

Nah...yang ini aku lupa mau post hari tu...So, ini sambungan email Pastor Alan last week...Thanks Pastor Alan.

Principle 2: Determine to be a real person, not just a projection.

So many relationships are not real at all. They are simply two people projecting the best about themselves and interacting with each other projection. But a relationship based on projection will never lead to a happy marriage, because in marriage we have to deal with the whole person in every situation and not just what the other person wants us to see. (Alan’s ......Hint-hint regarding how to spot the real stuff in a person .... see what comes out when under pressure or see how he treats his or her parents or how he or she treats others who are not ‘rich, clever or beautiful’ in the eyes of the world.)
Once I dated (Dean Sherman not Alan) a girl for two years. It was during the 1960s when girls all wore their hair teased up and cemented in place with globs of hairspray. One day I arrived early to pick the girl up for a date. As I stood in the hallway waiting for her, a girl brushed past. She obviously just showered and was wearing a robe. Her hair hung limply over her shoulders. She looked pale, and I nodded to her as she scurried off. It wasn’t until later that night that my girlfriend told me she was the one in the robe. (Ayoh!) Imagine that! I had dated her for two years and didn’t recognize her when she wasn’t all primped up and ready to go on a date! That experience scared me and got me thinking about just how well you could really get to know someone in a dating context.
I think it is unrealistic to be opposed to dating, but we need to be careful before we get into a relationship. I believe the dating culture has produced the divorce culture. How? As a society we’ve become so used to splitting when things get a little difficult. In my generation, when we said, “We broke up,” we were referring to a dating relationship that was over. In this generation we say, “we broke up,” just as casually to refer to a marriage breaking up. We have trivialized dating, and now we’re trivializing marriage. This easy in/easy out approach to relationships and marriage is a slippery slope. We must watch that we don’t develop bad habits in our dating that we could unwittingly carry over into marriage with disastrous consequences. We must choose to treat people in a loving way, and even if we stop dating someone, to still be committed to that person’s highest good. The one we were dating is a valuable person.
Moral.... Get to know the guy/girl before you get involved in a BGR..... jangan coba-coba.
P/s: I agree Pastor Alan! Better to get know the guy/girl before get involved in a BGR(hehehe)...Anyway, very interesting ha...We'll wait for the next email from Pst. Alan...Thanks Pastor :) God Bless Us~

Friday, March 27, 2009

Menjaga Lidah

Something to share: :)

Bacaan : Yakobus 3:6-12
Seorang guru tengah menjelaskan kepada para muridnya tentang kekuatan kata-kata terhadap reaksi seseorang. Seorang muridnya berdiri dan memprotes, "Saya tidak setuju, Guru. Mana mungkin kata-kata punya efek besar terhadap diri kita!" Sang Guru membentak, "Duduk! Dasar anak bodoh!" Muka murid itu merah padam, malu bercampur marah, "Saya tidak menyangka Guru bisa berkata sekasar itu." Sang guru berkata dengan suara lembut, "Maafkan saya yang terbawa perasaan. Saya benar-benar menyesal." Murid itu pun menjadi tenang. Kemudian sang guru berkata lagi, "Lihat, hanya diperlukan beberapa kata untuk membangkitkan amarahmu dan dibutuhkan beberapa kata juga untuk menenangkan dirimu. Itulah kekuatan kata-kata!"
Tidak sedikit masalah yang terjadi dalam hidup kita bersumber dari ketidakmampuan kita memilih kata-kata yang keluar dari mulut. Firman Tuhan hari ini mengingatkan, betapa berbahayanya jika kita tidak mampu menguasai lidah kita; tidak bijak memilih dan memilah perkataan yang terucap. Yakobus membandingkan lidah dengan api, yang walaupun kecil, dapat membakar hutan yang besar (ayat 5). Api bisa bermanfaat, tetapi juga bisa menghanguskan. Seperti itulah lidah.
Maka, betapa pentingnya kita mengendalikan lidah. Berkata-kata hanya kalau itu bermanfaat, membawa berkat-meneduhkan, menghibur, menguatkan, memotivasi. Sebaliknya, kalau kita tahu itu tidak ada faedahnya apa-apa, tidak jelas kebenarannya, bahkan mungkin menyakiti orang lain, mendemotivasi, membuat perpecahan dan memanaskan suasana, lebih baik kita tidak usah berbicara. Dalam situasi demikian, diam berarti emas -AYA

Thursday, March 26, 2009


*Hait..ehehe...nah....so sleepy..ahm..mengantuk sudah..Tetiba pula mok post blog ni...
*Ahm...Yea~ Congrates pd kwn2 saya coz dpt MTest KPLI... :)
*Ni, byk problem dgn E-Book km org...ahmm, susah mok cakap...Anyway, hrp2 esok tu time present takda problem...
*Lambat juga saya tidur hr ni...macam biasa laitu...Tadi suda janji ama Kak Tiara mok tdo awal, tp neh..ni jadi..lmbt juga tdur akhir nya...Sorry akak, tidak dpt tidur awal bha ni...Hehehe..Jangan marah eh...
*Tidak sabar lg mok hbskan kuliah ni...Adeh, penat + lelah + tension + semuanya la...Aduh, nasib baik mggu ni last kuliah utk class Dr Bala, Fono & Dr Rozinah's punya class...Sabar juga la next week mok hbs kuliah semua.
*Ahm...td Kak Rianta sms, pasal drama utk Good Friday..ermm...bha, tengok la mcm mana ni nanti...
*Ngantok sudah, hehehe...Good Night All~ God Bless
*Thanks ya buat semua yg sudah berdoa utk saya ni....yg ambil brt sama saya ni.. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

In Christ Alone

In Christ alone my hope is found
He is my light, my strength, my song
This Cornerstone, this solid ground
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm
What heights of love,
what depths of peace
When fears are stilled,
when strivings cease
My Comforter, my All in All
Here in the love of Christ
I stand
In Christ alone,
who took on flesh
Fullness of God in helpless babe
This gift of love and righteousness
Scorned by the ones
He came to save'
Till on that cross as Jesus died
The wrath of God was satisfied
For every sin on Him was laid
Here in the death of Christ I live
There in the ground His body lay
Light of the world by darkness slain
Then bursting forth in glorious
DayUp from the grave
He rose againAnd as
He stands in victory
Sin's curse has lost it's grip on me
For I am His and He is mine
Brought with the precious blood of Christ
No guilt in life, no fear in death
This is the power of Christ in me
From life's first cry to final breath
Jesus commands my destiny
No power of hell, no scheme of man
Can ever pluck me from His hand
'Till He returns or calls me home
Here in the power of Christ I'll stand

mY DaY

*Kasih Tuhan kpd anak-anaknya sungguh besar..Sukar untuk dimengerti...Namun yang pasti, aku tahu Tuhan itu sentiasa dekat bersama ku, sentiasa bersama ku...Sentiasa mendengar segala permasalahanku, tidak pernah sesekali meninggalkan...Dengan hati Bersyukur..aku berterima kasih kepada Tuhan kerana telah menjawab semua doa ku...Beberapa hari ini aku berdoa tentang beberapa perkara...dan aku Bersyukur kerana KasihNya Tuhan, Dia telah menjawap persoalan ku :) Haleluya~Puji Tuhan
*Sungguh indah kasih Tuhan itu kan...kadangkala sering kita merasakan diri kita kesepian, selalu kita melupakan bahawa Tuhan itu sendiri sentiasa bersama kita. Kehendak kita, kisah silam kita membuatkan kita sukar untuk melihat bahawa Tuhan itu ada bersama-sama kita. Sebaliknya kita sering melihat kepedihan dan sejarah hitam yang terus menghantui diri kita. Kesukaran untuk melepaskan kisah silam membuatkan kita tidak melihat kesetiaan Tuhan yang senantiasa menunggu kita...
*Jangan biarkan kisah lalu menghantui kita dan menjadi penghalang untuk kita terus intim bersama dengan Tuhan...Lepaskan, lepaskan segala permasalahan yang membelenggu diri kita. Saya berani katakan bahawa janji Tuhan dalam hidup kita sentiasa Ya asalkan kita berusaha untuk terus mendekati dan intim dengan dia... Tuhan Memberkati semua :) Tuhan itu baik, Amen.

P/s: Thanks Dijah, Lenny & Robaya kerana berusaha untuk mendapatkan duit Cg kita..Tuhan Memberkati :), sungguh besar pengorbanan anda semua...sgt kami hargai :)

And pada sesiapa yg membaca blog saya.Thanks...Semoga Tuhan memberkati anda semua...

Friday, March 20, 2009


Hujan hujan hujan~~~~~~~~~~


-bha...baca punya baca la kan..huahaha..saya memang suka guna broken2 punya bahasa...Habis kalu my Dad baca sa punya blog ni..kena tegur ni nanti suka guna broken english...hahahaha...nvm..bukan nya sa buat essay ni bha kan..saja2 ja ni...neh..kalu my lil sis Jes bc ni mst dia byk komplen juga...wahahaha.... :P~

BGR? Boy-Girl-Relationship?

Hehehehe...Omg, nah br saja lepas baca email dari Pst Alan ni...Hahaha, nice pastor n lucu juga...Rasa2 ada yang terkena n terasa dgn topic ni..Huahahahaha..OkaY ni apa yg Pst Alan post tadi...nanti saya mok reply blk kat dia(tggu sa ada idea dlu mok reply Pst)

Relationships: The Key to Love, Sex, and Everything Else by Dean Sherman

We must have a dating philosophy: .......How can we decrease the probability of being hurt in a (boy-girl) relationship as well as lessen the intensity of the emotional pain if we are hurt? To do this, we must have a dating philosophy. Without predetermined principles, we are likely to make mistakes that will hurt both ourselves and others. It’s no good just telling ourselves we’ll get into a relationship and ‘see what happens.’ Believe me, ‘It happens!’ We need some principles beforehand to make sure that things don’t happen in a way that causes us deep emotional pain. We need to promise ourselves right now that we’re not going to get into another relationship, or get any deeper into one we may already be in, until we have a clear understanding of how to proceed.

Hey guys....... Now is a good time to lay this foundational principle in your lives. Spend time today with God and ask Him what is His Standard for a good and Holy “BGR”.

.......Because some of you may be ha! Hum! Impatient to get on with it.... I will now proceed with

Principle one: Get your priorities right - ( Or why you go out with ..... si Itu! )
This principle will cut out a lot of dating right away. We should not be dating because everyone else has a boyfriend or girlfriend and we’ll feel stupid if we don’t have one, too. Single people feel great pressure to be dating. They feel like a reject if they don’t date.

This is principle of getting our priorities right.... will guide us not to date “sebaranganlah”. Otherwise siapa saja.... and end up going out with someone you not really care about, just so that have a datelah. Remember a person who must a boyfriend or a girlfriend at all times is insecure. It’s better to be respected as a human being than be just a date for someone?

When we pursue relationships for wrong reasons, we can often miss what God has planned for us. What happens if we’re tied up in a relationship that is going nowhere and someone who would be God’s choice for us comes on the scene? Are you going to be free to pursue the person? I don’t think so.

Remember also, any person we date is a valuable human being. The person is created and loved by God. Whether or not we continue in a relationship with the person, we should always be concerned about that person’s highest good. (Jangan main-main perasaan orang lainlah!) It is sad that some of the worst relationships in youth groups and churches are between people who used to date each other. We need to follow the golden rule and treat the other person the way we want others to treat us. So jangan main perasaan orang.... be real!

Wondering how far we can get the other person to go is also a bad motive. If the purpose we date is to handle someone else’s body, (AHEM guys.... ring a bell?) we’d better not date until we have worked through our problem. We will only damage ourselves and others if we proceed with this motive.

There is only one appropriate motive for Christian dating, and that is to get to know another person so that we can enhance that person’s life while honouring God, honouring the person, and honouring ourselves, if we cannot do this, we dare not date until we can.

(In my (Alan) own words.... date when you can be a blessing to that person in the Lord!) OK..... enough material for today?
Are you presently dating? If so check your motives.... why are you dating? Ok write back if you have questions. If you think your friends need this .... ask them to write to me and I will include them in this mailing list.

Bye and GBU
Alan Tan.

P/s: Thanks pastor...hehehh...ada org terasa ba ni dgn topic ni ...nasib baik sa single mingle lagi..wawawa..Djah--->ingatla pesan pastor ni...wahahah :P juz kidding...(Bersyukurlah sebab kita msh single kan Dijah!!!!!!!!) hahaha...Well, smoga topic ni berguna utk yg tengah mencari psgan tu :P...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

-Email from Pst Alan???-

Ha ha ha (I juz can't believe this! Br saja trma email ni dr Pst Alan) So, mcm ne la email yg dia send:

TO: ChiLLi (Cell Group USM)

[Syalom Semua,

In response to Aren (Ha Ha!) .... hang-ups about the dating thing.... I have decided to write on this topic for the next few months. Many of what I write here will be taken from the book LOVE, DATING AND MARRIAGE BY GEORGE B. EAGER. For you yang sudah kahwin.... ignorelah. OK please ask questions too, my response to you will be in private. Project will start tomorrow, subject covers:

1. What is love?
2. The three kinds of love
3. Ten reasons why you should wait until marriage.
4. Understanding the sex drive. (blush-blush)
5. Dating
6. How to say no.
7. Love is more than a beautiful feeling.
8. Ten pitfalls and how to avoid them
9. How to experience God’s love Part 1
10. How to experience God’s love part 2
11. How can i tell if it is real love?
12. Choosing wisely.
13. Review

GBU Always
Alan Tan]

P/s: Bah Pastor macam tau2 jak topic kegemaran budak2 CHiLLi ni ho...hahaha..don't worry I'll be the 1st one will give a respond to you pastor...(Hehehehehe), Ada ka yang sudah kawen antara kita ni? hahaha...For sure I still single mingle...(keh keh keh)..Ni saya suka topic no 7(Love is more than a beautiful feeling) hahaha...and ada (Blush blush juga ka situ pastor-topic no 4)...Kinda very interesting la all of the topics... Thanks Pstr
* Giggle utk si Aren (kreatif bha ko ne Aren..hahahah)


God Bless You Dear :)

Here is a word for you from the Word.

Psalm 25:12-14
"Who, then, is the man that fears the LORD? He will instruct him in the way chosen for him. He will spend his days in prosperity, and his descendants will inherit the land. The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. "NIV

It is important to understand that God chooses His pupils primarily on the basis of character, not intellectual attainment, not academic degrees, not social privilege, but on the basis of their heart attitude toward Him. He looks for a man who fears the Lord, who has reverent respect and fear for the Lord. He says such a man that He will instruct in the way chosen for him. Such a man will spend his days in prosperity; his descendants will inherit the land.

Then it goes on to say something even more wonderful: “The LORD confides in those who fear Him.” Another translation says, “The secret of the LORD is with those who fear Him.” I think there’s no greater privilege in our relationship with another person than when that person comes to such a place of confidence that he’ll share his secrets with us. And it really staggers me to think that if we have that attitude of reverent fear toward the Lord He’ll even share His secrets with us and He’ll make known His covenant to us.

You see, all God’s blessings are based upon His covenant and when He makes known His covenant to us then it opens the way to enter into all the blessings which God has provided. - Derek Prince

(P/s: Thanks Pastor Alan for the email :) )

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Well, what should I say

*Ahmm....am so sleepy...(yawn)..have to wake up early this morning coz i gt class at 8am...
*anyway, thanks to my lovely akak Tiara coz she send me a msg this morning, if not i don't think I will wake up...xixixixi~
*Sis Rosy, congrates~ coz dpt high mark for ur preaching smlm...hehehe
*Dijah a.k.a Panda! bila la d ka ambik lesen krta tok? huahaha...
* neh..si Kaki_kereta: sorry la sayang hui..aku x jmpa pon lagu yg ko suruh dload ya..xixixixi~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Again, Rainbow :D

Can you see that...what a beautiful rainbows we have there...
Ahm....today~~saya terbangun awal...hehehe...sebab semalam saya tdo awal...ermm..pagi2 waktu saya sidai pakaian kan...saya nampak RainbowS...ya...ba...ada 2 pelangi..eheheh...nah sempat juga saya ambil gambar pelangi tu... :D

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Am so sleepy

-am so sleepy right now
-wanna sleep-
-Na na Na, ngantok~-
-anyway, saya da crta nak share-
-i will tell you later~ coz am so sleepy :D-
-God Bless-

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Hehehe..Pic ni saya ambik tadi kol 7pm like that...Time kuar pg pasar malam..Cantik owh rainbow ni.. :D

Friday, March 13, 2009

Permintaan Lenny

Atas permintaan Lenny pics ini saya siarkan..ekekeek.

Djah n Cikgu George bersunggoh2 berbincang
Apa kurang cakap tu!


Review MBK 09...my best friends was there for their performence...I juz came to support them...very nice but DiJah...what happen to ur face and ur make-up? ngehehe...Something wrong there~... NvM u r always beautiful...hehehehe


"God gave what you need not what you want"

Things to do

Things To do Today:
1.Get up
3.Go back to bed

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sentuh Hatiku



Wednesday, March 11, 2009


(Wink Wink) Owh..hi guys hi all my followers..Lol...what can I saY bouT todaY? It was a wonderful daY..ThankS Lord for todaY...but, it was suprised coz suddenly Kak Suria sms me and said that sHe will go back to indOnesia tommorow? Hurmm..of coz la saya pun blur time trma sms tu coz time to saya tgh tdo..tup2 trma msg dari dia cakap nak blk esok...Then it took almost 10 minutes for me, nak bangun then baca balik semula sms tu...Lepas tu saya cakap la dgn Si Dijah yg kak suria send sms...Then after a while, fkran saya dah ok la kunun saya cuba call kaK Suria...U know what happen? Saya tersilap dail..Siot~~ hahaha...terdial no si Adie kaki_kereta pula..selamba ja saya cakap: abang, kak suria ada tak? sebab yg jawap saya tu lelaki, saya ingat tu si abang Tigur ba...hue...malu! pas tu bla saya tgk blk rpa2 nya no lain yg saya dial, cpt2 saya off...Weks...haha...then, lps tu br la saya dial no yg btl, cakap2 dgn kak suria, lama jg saya tanya dia mcam2 solan...hurmm..kesian Kak SurIa..dgr suara dia pun saya tau dia sedih...(so am I)

Then around 7pm macam tu saya n Dijah pg la BJ jumpa dgn Kak Suria..Juz to say gud bye...heH, Kak Suria x dpt duduk lama2...Mok nangis ja dia...So sad...anyway, lps jmpa kami 2 x lama dia pun pg Bt Uban, mst jmpa dgn Cell Group Batu Uban...Actually kepulangan KaK SuriA ni sgt mengejutkan, terutama bg pelayan2 Di gEreja...Coz dia ialah Coordinator untuk Praise and Worship...So, mst susah nak cari Koordinator yg baru ni nanti..HUhhh...And siapa pulak jadi Gembala zon Usm nanti....adeiiii...Pening kepala saya fikir ni....

1 more, yg pasti team LCD memang kritikal la skrg ni...Huh, dah la ramai pelayan kena htr balik..Then bln 5 nanti Kak Lisa n Kak Betty pula balik...so tggal saya n Si Melda ja la yg kena uruskan team LCD...Hopefully kita dapat cari org lain utk bantu dlam team LCD...Mesti Pastor Alan tgh pening kepala sebab ramai pelayan dihantar pulang...Anyway, maybe inilah Rencana Tuhan untuk membangkitkan jiwa lain utk terus melayani di gereja..Apa2 pun terjadi, juz doakan agar pelayanan di gereja terus berkembang dengan baik...teruskan bersandar pada Tuhan kerana Tuhan kita ialah Tuhan yang sentiasa mendengar doa dan permasalahan kita, Amen! We will miss u Kak Suria..

*bah..xixixi..."Vic! thanks sebab sampaikan salam dr kak Tiara :P~..kuar dating la lagi ko dua ni...Complicated sangat" and Vic, saya n Brad x da pa2 pun okie~

*My Lovely sis Jes "Just Keep praying and don't cry again okay....LoL, I know u never forget to pray...juz don't cry la, I knw Science side susah sgt juz teruskan usaha tu utk belajar yg terbaik ok....Mcm biasa, kalu rasa susah sgt tu, take ur time to pray, and I'm sure u'll be ok :) , I love you sis, so don't ever cry again ok..lgpun tggal brpa bulan ja mok STPM tu"

*Dad, Mom n bros n sis-I love ya all :) surely I always miss you, thats y I call you everyday...hahaha

*Dijah, we'll try our Doa Puasa for ur driving test okie...Doa n Puasa! jGn Lupa... :) And yeah, ChiLLi, jangan lupa program pembacaan Alkitab setahun! sebusy2 mana pun jangan lupa baca tu Bible okie~

*God Bless All :)

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hurm...I juz checked my pic's files...Hehe..tjumpa pic yg saya ambil bbrpa minggu lepas...Actually saya suka ambil pic terutamanya di kawasan campus....Saya suka keadaan USm...Sebaik saja menjejakkan kaki ke kawasan Usm...Sure, anda akan merasakan suasana campus yang sebenar...Sini ada bbrpa pic tempat yg selalu saya "singgah" sementara saya menunggu kelas yg berikutnya bermula... :)


Ahm...Kecewa? siapa yang tak pernah kecewa..tell me? Allright~, this is what I want to share today....So, tadi saya n Dayne pergi ke kebaktian malam...Coz saya yg melayani malam ni...Ok, and Pastor Juanis yg beri khutbah...haha..Nice topic Pastor...

Actually kan, kecewa satu proses yang tidak dapat kita elakkan dari kehidupan kita...Ngehe..Dayne sempat tulis something pada saya time khutbah tadi..she said " dia takut untuk di kecewakan" Lol...i said to her that not everytime kita akan bahagia..ada masa kita perlu menghadapi kekecewaan...Kekecewaan tu la satu cara untuk membuatkan kita semakin kuat untuk menghadapi hari2 yang seterusnya...ahmm...

So, jangan pernah sedih atau lemah d saat kita dikecewakan. Terutamanya dalam melakukan pekerjaan untuk Tuhan...

p/s:Panda4Ever, next month i'll add ur name to LCD's team...Lakukan yang terbaik untuk pelayanan kita okie! We really need someone who can help us for our Lcd's team... :) -Segala Kemuliaan Hanya Untuk Tuhan kita-

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Dalam sebuah bencana kapal karam, seorang lelaki terdampar di pulau terpencil. Demi bertahan hidup, ia belajar memanfaatkan segala yang ada di pulau itu untuk dimakan. Bahkan dalam upaya melindungi diri, ia berhasil membangun gubuk untuk berteduh. Berbulan-bulan ia bertahan tanpa bantuan siapa pun. Suatu hari, ketika kembali dari berburu, ia mendapati gubuknya terbakar. Dengan badan lemas ia mengeluhkan nasibnya. Namun, ternyata justru dari situ datang pertolongan baginya: asap dari gubuk terbakar itu memberi tanda untuk datangnya kapal penolong.

Bayangkan, pada musim kering, dalam keadaan alam yang gersang ada suara burung gagak. Itu pertanda burung-burung itu mencium bau kematian. Mereka menanti seseorang mati diserbu ganasnya kekeringan, sehingga bangkainya siap disantap. Dan memang ada orang di sana. Elia namanya. Namun, skenario terbalik. Orang itu tidak mati dihajar musim kering yang dahsyat. Ia hidup, tetap minum dan makan. Dan yang paling aneh, burung-burung gagak bukan mau "memakannya", melainkan memberinya makan! Itulah cara unik Tuhan memelihara hamba-Nya. Pembawa bau kematian dijadikan-Nya pembawa harapan akan kehidupan.

Krisis global sekarang ini betul-betul seperti kekeringan yang melanda bumi. Mendatangkan kegersangan jiwa, kelaparan fisik, kepenatan hati, pengangguran, kemiskinan, dan ketakutan. Akan tetapi ingatlah, yang kita pandang buruk dapat menjadi alat Tuhan untuk mendatangkan kebaikan yang tak terduga. Pemeliharaan-Nya atas kita melampaui segala musim dan cuaca. Tetaplah percaya dan berusaha. Tiada yang mustahil bagi Dia -PAD

~Again, its Raining~

Hurmm....its Saturday guys...dan hujan...yeah..hujan...sunyi sgt time ni...7pm dah sekarang ni...Hehehe, si Lenny and Emma sedang tidur, Robaya pula tgh on9...Cath, Djah n Serin dah kuar belajar drive..So, agak sunyi la di rumah sekarang. Pukul 6 tadi aku cuba nak tidur, tapi tak dapat pulak...Hehehe...Bah, bosan pulak aku sekarang ni!!!

Tadi ada cg...juz bincang2 pasal farewell untuk bulan April nanti. Huh`uh, semakin busy la pulak sekarang ni...Next week ada 4 asignment yg perlu di submit. OMG....Nah nasib baik hari Isnin depan public hol. Adehh..makin lebatla pula hujan ni...huhhh...Nampaknya plan nak pg pasar malam pun tertunda..xixixi~

So sad coz Sis Rose tak dapat nak stay d sini malam ni. She have to go back bcoz ada isteri Pastor yg mta tolong dia dlm asignment or what...Not sure too...Anyway, we're glad coz Sis Rose dapat datang utk CG hari ni...Bgtu jg dengan Kak Suria :)

Jangan Lelah~

Jangan lelah
bekerja di ladang-Nya Tuhan
Roh Kudus yang bri kekuatan
Yang mengajar dan menopang
Tiada lelah Bekerja bersama-Mu Tuhan
Yang selalu mencukupkan
akan segalanya
Ratakan tanah bergelombang
Timbunlah tanah berlubang
Menjadi siap dibangun
Di atas dasar iman
Ratakan tanah bergelombang
Timbunlah tanah berlubang
Menjadi siap dibangun
Di atas dasar iman

p/s : Setiap saat untuk melayani dan bekerja bersamaNya Tuhan merupakan detik2 yg sungguh berharga. Walau apa pun terjadi setiap apa yg kita korbankan untuk terus setia mengikuti Tuhan merupakan satu pengorbanan yang hanya Tuhan saja tahu. Jadi teruskan setia dan bertumbuh bersama Tuhan.