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BGR? Boy-Girl-Relationship?

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Relationships: The Key to Love, Sex, and Everything Else by Dean Sherman

We must have a dating philosophy: .......How can we decrease the probability of being hurt in a (boy-girl) relationship as well as lessen the intensity of the emotional pain if we are hurt? To do this, we must have a dating philosophy. Without predetermined principles, we are likely to make mistakes that will hurt both ourselves and others. It’s no good just telling ourselves we’ll get into a relationship and ‘see what happens.’ Believe me, ‘It happens!’ We need some principles beforehand to make sure that things don’t happen in a way that causes us deep emotional pain. We need to promise ourselves right now that we’re not going to get into another relationship, or get any deeper into one we may already be in, until we have a clear understanding of how to proceed.

Hey guys....... Now is a good time to lay this foundational principle in your lives. Spend time today with God and ask Him what is His Standard for a good and Holy “BGR”.

.......Because some of you may be ha! Hum! Impatient to get on with it.... I will now proceed with

Principle one: Get your priorities right - ( Or why you go out with ..... si Itu! )
This principle will cut out a lot of dating right away. We should not be dating because everyone else has a boyfriend or girlfriend and we’ll feel stupid if we don’t have one, too. Single people feel great pressure to be dating. They feel like a reject if they don’t date.

This is principle of getting our priorities right.... will guide us not to date “sebaranganlah”. Otherwise siapa saja.... and end up going out with someone you not really care about, just so that have a datelah. Remember a person who must a boyfriend or a girlfriend at all times is insecure. It’s better to be respected as a human being than be just a date for someone?

When we pursue relationships for wrong reasons, we can often miss what God has planned for us. What happens if we’re tied up in a relationship that is going nowhere and someone who would be God’s choice for us comes on the scene? Are you going to be free to pursue the person? I don’t think so.

Remember also, any person we date is a valuable human being. The person is created and loved by God. Whether or not we continue in a relationship with the person, we should always be concerned about that person’s highest good. (Jangan main-main perasaan orang lainlah!) It is sad that some of the worst relationships in youth groups and churches are between people who used to date each other. We need to follow the golden rule and treat the other person the way we want others to treat us. So jangan main perasaan orang.... be real!

Wondering how far we can get the other person to go is also a bad motive. If the purpose we date is to handle someone else’s body, (AHEM guys.... ring a bell?) we’d better not date until we have worked through our problem. We will only damage ourselves and others if we proceed with this motive.

There is only one appropriate motive for Christian dating, and that is to get to know another person so that we can enhance that person’s life while honouring God, honouring the person, and honouring ourselves, if we cannot do this, we dare not date until we can.

(In my (Alan) own words.... date when you can be a blessing to that person in the Lord!) OK..... enough material for today?
Are you presently dating? If so check your motives.... why are you dating? Ok write back if you have questions. If you think your friends need this .... ask them to write to me and I will include them in this mailing list.

Bye and GBU
Alan Tan.

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