Thursday, March 19, 2009

-Email from Pst Alan???-

Ha ha ha (I juz can't believe this! Br saja trma email ni dr Pst Alan) So, mcm ne la email yg dia send:

TO: ChiLLi (Cell Group USM)

[Syalom Semua,

In response to Aren (Ha Ha!) .... hang-ups about the dating thing.... I have decided to write on this topic for the next few months. Many of what I write here will be taken from the book LOVE, DATING AND MARRIAGE BY GEORGE B. EAGER. For you yang sudah kahwin.... ignorelah. OK please ask questions too, my response to you will be in private. Project will start tomorrow, subject covers:

1. What is love?
2. The three kinds of love
3. Ten reasons why you should wait until marriage.
4. Understanding the sex drive. (blush-blush)
5. Dating
6. How to say no.
7. Love is more than a beautiful feeling.
8. Ten pitfalls and how to avoid them
9. How to experience God’s love Part 1
10. How to experience God’s love part 2
11. How can i tell if it is real love?
12. Choosing wisely.
13. Review

GBU Always
Alan Tan]

P/s: Bah Pastor macam tau2 jak topic kegemaran budak2 CHiLLi ni ho...hahaha..don't worry I'll be the 1st one will give a respond to you pastor...(Hehehehehe), Ada ka yang sudah kawen antara kita ni? hahaha...For sure I still single mingle...(keh keh keh)..Ni saya suka topic no 7(Love is more than a beautiful feeling) hahaha...and ada (Blush blush juga ka situ pastor-topic no 4)...Kinda very interesting la all of the topics... Thanks Pstr
* Giggle utk si Aren (kreatif bha ko ne Aren..hahahah)

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