Friday, September 4, 2009

How Can I Break The Silence

How can I break the silence? lol...Fhew...1.52 am :x and I still can't ZzZzzZzz....Hopefully I can go to LaLaLaNd after this...huehuehue..Why am I here and still awake? I also don't know :D
Listening to River flow in you make me very ahmm...very calm...and make me thinking~ what gonna happen tomorrow...LoL. what a stupid quest. Solan yg bodoh juga...Tiada siapa yg tahu apa yg akan berlaku keesokan hari.. :D yg kita boleh lakukan cuma merancang...Selebihnya kita sendiri tidak pasti...Wew..why am I so !_! tonight :x speechless...Lol..what happen... >.< i don't know what else to say...:D stupid usuall..its very hard for me to express my feeling..koekoekoe~ kinda very hard to speak it out... :) well, this is me... :x not easy to share what i feel, daripada banyak2 yg rapat dengan sa, entah...maybe sedikit sja yang tahu perasaan saya~... hye..this girl, hard to understand my dad said~ eee..susah mo bcakap dgn budak ni, x suka balik2, daddy~ hei saya juga yg plg memahami saya :) coz i am daddy's little girl...yes, I am...I miss my daddy :) owh, yeah...september sudah..yai~ x lama lg bday sa... :) i know i will get a msg from my family during my bday..walaupun xda hadiah, tp sa tetap srnk coz family sa mst akan htr sms pada sa n wish...thats all make me very happy...Bbrpa tahun berjauhan dgn mrka, sa pasti dpt bday wish :) its very lucky to know that they're always love you...Well you know what i meant...uh..better go sleep now :) coz tmrrw i got class...Well, thanks for droping all..thanks for all of ur comments.. :) God Bless You...

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Gallivanter said...

family is most important. when we were young we were blinded by falseness hope of friendship. :-)