Friday, October 30, 2009

As Long As I Live~~

* I don't know what am I thinking bout now
*Juz feel like I wanna pray (Huhu..dawn..its the best time to pray :) )
*I juz can't wait to finish my exam :)
*I wanna go home (Uhhh..i miss my family :d~)
* listening to Chris Tomlin-How Great Is Our God...jizz..really love this song..remind me of Mother's Day last time...
*Actually, am nervous when am thinking of my LM next sem..kinda very challenging and hard...uh~ uh~
*And yes...of coz am glad coz 1 more sem to go..and then I'll graduate....
*I miss my dears friends of coz..huhuhu...all Chillies members.. :X i miss kak sinar..kak betti..kak Lisa especially..huhuhu~wish we all can meet and gather again like we did last time..
*Am kinda sad coz Sis Rosy will go back to sarawak soon... :< huhuhu..she will b grad 2 more weeks...and soon! She will be a Pastor :) am so proud of u sis.

P/s: time to go to go to la la land :)..GBU all..


daphneey said...

miss CHILLIES too :(

Mr. J @ said...

As long as u love me baby ... kok lagu backstreetboy keliak. ihhihi

Wilder said... ya deh..lagu lama...evergreen amai gak nyak