Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leonid meteor shower…

Hue..how I wish I can watch this meteor shower :) I still remember when I saw this leonid meteor shower 2 years ago during Scout's camping... It just like a dream, but am sure it's not only dream when 1 of my friends said " hye...it's meteor" Hahaha..Lucky me huh cause I can watch it.. It's beautiful and I wish I can watch it again this year...Am not sure what time we can watch it here cause according to Yahoo news, its on Tuesday a.m. I waited for it this morning, but...naaaaaa..ahahah.. :o no meteor shower..anyway, i hope can see it tonight or tmrww..cause they said we still can watch it for this few days...Owh...How great is our Creator huh, He made all of this things...~_~

Pic taken from( http://features.csmonitor.com/innovation/2009/11/17/leonid-meteor-shower-yawn-is-it-time-yet/)

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