Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why is life so complicated...

Have you ever think "Why is life so complicated?" Some one asked me this question before. And honestly that time I don't have an answer for that question. After a while, I let my self think about this question. Keep myself thinking, what is the best answer for the question. Well, I guess different people will give different answer.

While I'm surfing just now, I found this question posted by someone I don't know. It's related to some questions that most people keep asking to them self I guess. Maybe you also ever think about this question.

"Why is life so complicated, Why does everything need to be so messy like why cant life be simple, Why do people need to like do what they want even if it would hurt someone, Why do people say things they don't really mean but still say them or if they do mean them, Why do they need to say it. Is life only about money and sex. Why do people need to change all the time and what if someone liked someone better the way they were before and they changed completely but change in a bad way what do you do. If you know someone is getting away from you and your loosing contact with that person then what. What if someone you like does not notice you. what you do if when you look back you don't know where your at no more. You don't know the last time you had a good time with your family and friends with no fights."

I know most of us hope that our life can be more simple and easier than what we face right now. For me it's all about yourself. Life is complicated, that's we call it LIFE. If life always easy and simple, what do you expect you can learn from this life? My little sis also asked me this question long time ago. She asked me why we have to be struggle to get what we want? Why life keep complicated as we grow up? Why we have to think about so many things?

Well babe... Actually, I just can give you my simple opinion. For me, if life were simple, there is nothing we can learn and we can't improve our self to be a better person. Do you think you can learn something if you never get through the real life? As we have to face the hardest way, we maybe did not realize that we learn a lot of things from that. It's hurt but believe me, this pain is one of powerful lesson that teach you to be more strong. So, why are we so scared when life is getting complicated? Believe me, if life is simple there's no fun. ^.^v

Forget bout the person that you like but never notice you. Forget about your tears, forget about people who keep thinking that you never exist or whatever that bother you. All you have to do now is learn...Learn from this complicated situation because you will find a happiness if you can get through all of this. Remember, if life is simple, there's no fun and I bet you, your life is useless if you didn't learn something from your life. :D~ So, stop complaining and stop asking "Why is life so complicated"!!!


Arpan said...

Usually, people answer this question with an if-else condition. "If life were so and so, then so and so, else so and so"... But logically, that is an incorrect answer. The question isn't "what would happen if life weren't complicated". The question is, "Why" is life complicated? Life is complicated, that is a fact. Now we need to find the reasons for it being complicated, not the justifications of why it being complicated is a good thing.

It reminds me of the saying: "why do we have noses? Because if we didn't, we wouldn't be able to wear spectacles." Anyway, not to make too much fuss of the same point... Why is life complicated?

In my opinion, life is complicated simply because of the multiplicity of desires of one (wo)man, and the multiplicity of (wo)men having the same, or conflicting desires.

Take love for example. I may like a girl, but then there is no reason why the girl should like me back, seeing there are tons of other guys who are as good or in some cases, better than me. So, she might like one of them. They in turn might like someone else... thus, chaos ensues...

Anyhow, that was my 2 cents... What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Its not always about liking someone and that someone liking someone else..
It maybe the case that inspite of loving someone very purely and honestly, n inspite of wanting to be that person, and he/she wanting to be with u, still u cant be together..

Apart from love etcc... there are many other things which make life complicated..

Today, everybody is just thinking about themselves only.. Nobody just has the time and desire left in them to think about others anymore.. Not even once in a blue moon.. Everyone is just concerned about his/her own good..
Why is it so.

This is why life becomes all the more complicated.

Badshah said...

u knw what is the biggest prblm of us.?
we expect a lottttt, & give less.... & u guys knw wat if u expect anythng frm any1,, u hav to suffer,... so dnt expect anythng frm any1,, nt evn frm ur parents... & only then u can realise that life is so vry enjoyable,, & u will find peace... the ultimate peace.....

lee woo said...

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. See the link below for more info.