Sunday, September 26, 2010

All things new

So here I am again. I really miss my blog and seriously I don't know what made me left my blog for a long time. For sure, I don't have any reasons to leave my blog (but I knew the main reason is I am so LAZY). I really loves blogging and yes, I realize that. I just can't stop blogging even though sometimes, I am too lazy to drop any words here.

Next week Dino will go to India, yeah to further his study there. Hopefully he can fit himself there. I can't imagine what will he face there, but we pray that he can take care of him self. 5 years in India? Well, that will be very tough. We will miss you lil bro :) And we pray that this 5 years you will be more mature. So see you soon Mr. doctor!!!

And we really work hard these few weeks because our church have to move to other place. For sure, we will miss our old place. So, lets pray so we don't have any problems at this new place.


Precious_One said...

hai.. Happy bloging again hehe.. GBU

Wilder said...

thank you sis :)