Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I can see the craziness of this world right now. So much unpredictable things happened. Well, what else can we say. This is the REAL WORLD. There were few things make me thinking that this world drastically changes. The upside down of this world. Few days ago, i read about this news. Well, maybe this is not a big issue but think of it logically, I really guess that World is INSANE. What I'm talking about is man was raped by women. OK, sounds like funny. But if I not mistaken, that was the 5th case was reported. Normally we heard that women raped by man, but now you can see what happen. So, wherever you go, be careful either man or woman. I just can't imagine how's things like this happened. Maybe this will not surprise us anymore next time. This is the new beginning of insane world. So, be prepare with whatever that will come to us next time. You, me and they, we all can't predict what will happen.

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