Friday, October 28, 2011

Wish You Were Here

I'm not big fan of Avril Lavigne but really love this song. This is song I can really relate. Remind me of my BFF :) Wish they were here!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bla bla bla...

Suddenly I miss my home very much :( my bed, my room, my books and all of my stuff. Trying very hard to convince myself that I will be OK as long I didn't let myself cry. I believe all of us have these feelings...How can I explain this feeling to you? Sometimes, I just feel that I really stupid to let my self being so strong for too long until one level I can't stand any more. And at that level, I'm just too weak to stand up again. So, the best things I can do is sit there. Sit and let my mind fly away. Pretend that nothing ever happen to myself, and try to find my starting point again. I guess that is ordinary. When suddenly someone like me will feel very down and trying to find herself again. It's not because she is failed. It's just because she need sometimes to rest and find her strength again. So wake up Wilder! You are strong and yes, you can deal with these. All of this thought are useless!

Life and Happiness.

Life isn't always we want it to be. What matters is we live with good intentions and give happiness to those who matter most to us.