Sunday, January 18, 2015

Heavenly Father...

Dear Heavenly Father,
What are your plans for my life today?
As one chapter closes, I know another one opens. Please put before me, the new opportunities you wish me to see. Open new doors, so that I may succeed and do Your Will.
In times of change, please comfort me, so that I am not feeling sad and alone. If I do feel lonely along the way, please fill my heart with peace and happiness.
Please remind me that, With You, All Things Are Possible! That You have perfect plans and ideas for my life, ideas and plans which I can not even comprehend nor imagine.
Please open and change my mind and my heart to your great plans for me and please help me succeed in doing them.
For I am just Your humble servant and I wish to fulfil Your will in my life, to honor You in all things that I do.
Please give me a new purpose in this part of my journey. I love you, I trust you and I need your help and encouragement. Please replace my sadness with joy!

Please stay close to me always.
Love your child (My Life With God)